We have worked with many schools and organizations over the past few months and discovered a fun way both build community spirit and raise some dollars for your school, organization or club. (Yep, we will take sports teams and clubs as well!)

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Here is how the Taharka Brothers Fundraiser Program Works:


Using our online system, you will walk through several steps to create a fundraiser. This system will allow you to specify the type of fundraiser you want to run, and also automatically create a coupon code and delivery date to activate a Fundraiser.


There is no cost to set up a fundraiser and depending on the “Type” of fundraiser you select, your school or organization will receive between $5-$15 for every order Taharka receives where the coupon code is used.


Here are the different types of fundraisers:


$10 per order. Our most common fundraiser, for a special delivery date to a particular geographic area. This is our most common type of fundraiser, and is primarily used by schools. You will pick a delivery date, and then a coupon code is created. There is always a specific time frame- generally 3 full days- when the coupon code is activated. During this time, you will rally your supporters to order online. There is a specific landing page you can direct them to, this will be sent to you in an email after the fundraiser is created. (The email will also include promotional materials that you can edit/modify to promote the fundraiser.) 


Even people outside of your designated delivery area can participate- they just use the regular Home Delivery option but must remember to put the coupon code for your school/organization when prompted. 


$5 per order. This will work for schools/organizations whose supporters are spread across multiple delivery areas. A coupon code will be created, and you will have a specific timeframe where your supporters will be able to order Taharka Brothers Home Delivery and have their order credited to the school/organization. There is no special delivery day for this type of fundraiser, instead participants will simply utilize Taharka Brothers regular delivery system and receive their ice cream on days when we would normally deliver to their area.


$15 per order. This type of fundraiser is available to schools and organizations only when there is a single delivery location and time. Again, a coupon code is created and a specific ordering window will be available for supporters. On the appointed delivery date, Taharka Brothers will bring all orders to a single location for distribution. Please note, all of the ice cream must be delivered within a 30 minute window. You must have a freezer onsite and room for any packages not picked up- no exceptions!


For any Taharka Brothers Fundraiser, the key to success is to broadcast through social media/newsletters, etc… that “Now is the time to act!” Promote your fundraiser as loudly as possible, making it a social thing where everyone knows what to do, etc… You want to mention that people MUST put in your school’s special coupon code in order for the school to receive the appropriate $$ per order.


We have had a wide range of schools and organizations who took advantage of this opportunity to support a local, minority owned business in Baltimore! 


And for what it is worth, we had 4 schools last year who netted over $500 for their PTA and our record to date is 99 orders. We would love to see a school break $1,000 this year. Can your school or organization crack our Top Ten List?