Our out of state shipping was originally designed to share our ice cream and brand with people who had no way of getting their Taharka Brother's "fix" due to their location during the holiday season. While this was more successful than we imagined it would be, it was created with the intention of shipping for just a few weeks out of the year. But ever since we stopped shipping there has still been a demand for sharing the joy of our cold dessert with family and friends! 


While it brings us joy to make our customers happy, we cannot afford to regularly ship without the appropriate demand...


So here is our solution: We will ship for those few who desperately want to share Baltimore's Best ice cream with friends and families (or themselves!) outside of our delivery area. We will ship wherever UPS can deliver our ice cream within two days.  These exceptions will come at a cost to make it worth the effort of our small business to spread operations a little thinner. The price will be $150 to ship out of state. This includes shipping, handling and 9 pints of your favorite flavors. Complete the form below to be contacted- payment will happen online.