We just love ice cream!

Taharka Brothers started out as a non-profit organization called Sylvan Beach Foundation back in 1993. Founders Sean Smeeton and Melanie Andreen began the endeavor after some early mentoring experiences with youth in Baltimore City housing projects left them questioning their corporate career paths. They were inspired by the Delancey Street Foundation (San Francisco) and specifically the way in which that organization encouraged people to help themselves.


Through numerous twists and turns, Sean persevered through those early years, working with various disadvantaged populations. It was in one of those early iterations- the Sylvan Beach Cafe on Preston Street, that Sean learned to make delicious ice cream with a team of youth recruited from local non-profits. Later, inspired by the power of brands- especially Ben and Jerry’s- to help change the world, Sean and a team of young entrepreneurs (current owners Kowfi and Mike among them) went through a full rebranding exercise and created Taharka Brothers Ice Cream. In 2009, Taharka Brothers moved into its current location in Baltimore City at 3515 Clipper Mill Road.


As far as the origin of Honey Graham? Well, that story shall forever remain a mystery...